Friday, November 6, 2015

Why Not? Sharing My Ironman Story

A couple of months ago, I auditioned for CapitalSpeaks, an event at my company that was designed to provide associates with the opportunity to "share, connect, and inspire." I was thrilled to be selected to participate. On October 8, I shared my story with an audience of 300+ people.

It's probably no surprise that I talked about my Ironman journey. What did surprise me is that this experience was not unlike an Ironman - I put my heart and time into preparing for it, I had an amazing coach (Michael Balaoing), I shared the experience with 6 other associates who had the same goal and worked hard to attain it, and I ended up incredibly proud of a job well done at the end. I feel honored to have been a part of this event and thankful to everyone who had a part in it.

Q&A session with all 7 speakers.
Super fun times at the reception afterwards with coach Michael Balaoing!
So happy that most of my friends at work were there to support me. (Selfie by Joanna, Tim, and Mari)
My favorite part of my page of the program is Jordan Rapp's quote: "If you have a dream, pursue it as hard as you can." 
Five years ago, my manager, Terri, gave me good luck balloons before my first half Ironman. She did the same thing before this event - coolest manager ever.
I was beyond happy that Mom and Dad were there to share the day.